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Real Estate

We advise our clients on all transactions related to real estate in the broadest sense. We provide legal support for residential, industrial, commercial and office properties, as well as agricultural properties.
We provide legal services in particular for real-estate purchase and sale transactions, contribution of real estate in kind to commercial companies, in the implementation of joint real-estate investments, in the lease, rental or leasing of real estate.
We understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to real-estate transactions. Therefore, our advice covers the civil, administrative and tax aspects of transactions.

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Companies, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

The broadly understood commercial company law is one of our leading specialities. We are characterized not only by expert knowledge and familiarity with the relevant legal tools, but also by an understanding of the business world and the realities of various industries. Ongoing legal advice in the areas of company law, corporate law and M&A helps minimize - and in some cases, completely eliminate - many of the potential risks associated with day-to-day operations or planned transactions.

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Construction and Infrastructure Investments

For years, we have been supporting Clients involved in the broadly understood construction and infrastructural projects. Among other people, we work with investors, developers, designers, general contractors, subcontractors and other public-contracting entities. As a result, we are thoroughly familiar with the issues of construction law from many different perspectives and so we can offer proven solutions.

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Litigation and Arbitration

We involve our knowledge and experience in the cases we conduct, to strive courageously and persistently for a positive conclusion of the dispute. We remain at the disposal of our Clients at every stage of the case, providing information about the process and the current litigation situation. We have extensive experience in litigation related to contract performance, construction and investment disputes, liability for damages, real-estate transactions, corporate matters and D&O proceedings.

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Contracts in business dealings

We provide our Clients with assistance in drafting all kinds of contracts in domestic and international business. We provide support in the preparation of general terms and conditions of sale and service. We offer advice at the stage of negotiations. We prepare or review documents and are present during contract performance and management.

Our team is distinguished by its experience in negotiating strategically important contracts, its ability to identify risks and its understanding of the contractual realities of many industries - including real estate, construction, retail, services and IT, among others.

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Intellectual and Industrial Property

Concern for intellectual- and industrial-property rights directly affects the protection of a company's brand, reputation and unique know-how. These are invaluable and key elements that a company often works for years to achieve. Using the support of an experienced law firm can provide effective protection. Therefore, we help our clients to effectively protect their copyrights, industrial property rights and `know-how` and to make full use of them. We also provide advice in the area of trademarks and support in issues relating to the development of new technologies.

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E-commerce Support

Our law firm provides legal assistance to already-operating online stores, as well as to entrepreneurs who would like to start this type of business. We prepare all the necessary documentation including, for example, the regulations of the online store, privacy policy, complaint forms and templates of withdrawal statements. We advise on the most important solutions affecting the operation of an online store, including forms of payment, databases and loyalty programmes, among others.

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Labour and Social Security Law

Among other activities, we assist our clients with legal issues related to employment strategy and structure, preparation of internal employee documentation and all matters related to individual employee contracts. We provide support in negotiations with labour unions and represent Clients in collective labour disputes as well in labour court disputes and inspections and disputes with the Social Security Institution (ZUS). We conduct proceedings on issues relating to, among others thing, being subject to social security, appeals against decisions of pension authorities, payment of social-security contributions

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Restructuring and Bankruptcy

Our law firm's experts support entrepreneurs who want to protect themselves from declining profitability and bankruptcy. They also provide professional assistance to creditors and investors. We advise on how to maximize the effects of restructuring processes or limit the losses caused by having to declare bankruptcy. e advise on securing the interests of creditors involved in a debtor's bankruptcy or restructuring procedure and support them in pursuing their claims. We assist investors interested in providing financing to entrepreneurs in crisis or in acquiring bankrupt companies and thereby enable them to continue their operations.

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Administrative Law

Administrative law, including public-business law, affects many aspects of life - both private and business. Our law firm provides support to entrepreneurs and individuals in all kinds of cases related to administrative and legal relations.
We represent Clients in administrative proceedings before state and local government authorities. We prepare requests, appeals and complaints in cases conducted by administrative bodies.

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Tax Law

Certain business decisions have tax consequences. The support we offer to our clients is individualized - it takes into account not only current legislation, but also business aspects and the specifics of the business.
In the event of a tax audit or tax proceedings, we represent our Clients before the tax-administration authorities, as well as in the course of litigation before the administrative courts in tax matters.

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Criminal Business Law and Tax Law

Among others, we handle cases related to offences against property, offences against business transactions, cases of financial, credit and insurance offences, acting to the detriment of companies, offences related to economic corruption, criminal cases in the scope of environmental protection and waste management, as well as cases involving tax and customs misdemeanours.
Experts from our law firm act as defence counsels for suspects and defendants in economic and criminal tax cases before law-enforcement agencies and in judicial proceedings, before courts of all instances.

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Mortgages in Swiss Francs and Savings and Insurance Policies

Cases concerning mortgages in Swiss francs are currently the most common cases against banks, and very significant for Clients in economic terms. The complexity of these cases and the tough stance of the banks challenging the legitimate rationale of the borrowers result in the need to take the fight to court. Our law firm comprehensively represents Clients in cases involving mortgages in Swiss francs. The assistance provided includes representation at both the pre-litigation stage and litigation representation before the competent court.

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Services provided to developers (and apartment buyers)

Our specialists have been advising operators of construction projects - both residential and commercial - for years. With practical experience, knowledge of the development business and constantly developing subject-matter expertise, we can provide fully comprehensive support - in the form of permanent or ad-hoc legal assistance. We advise developers at every stage - from the initial analysis and verification of the investment, through the acquisition of land and signing of contracts for works with contractors, to the conclusion of development contracts and contracts for transfer of ownership to buyers.

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SNiW Law Office

We are a team of experienced attorneys-at-law and legal advisors. We are distinguished by our expert knowledge, practical knowledge of business realities and out-of-the-box approach to legal issues. For years, we have successfully provided legal support to clients in their operations and ongoing business ventures.

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Collaboration with ABL

We are a member of the Alliance of Business Lawyers – a prestigious international association of leading law firms from many countries providing services to businesses. This allows us to offer our clients comprehensive support in handling business ventures and transactions of a cross-border nature, and to support them, with the participation of our foreign partners, in clients’ operations abroad.

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