Mortgages in Swiss Francs and Savings and Insurance Policies

Professional representation in cases against banks
and insurance institutions

Cases concerning mortgages in Swiss francs are currently the most common cases against banks, and very significant for Clients in economic terms. The complexity of these cases and the tough stance of the banks challenging the legitimate rationale of the borrowers result in the need to take the fight to court. Often this is a lengthy battle that requires engaging in a polemic against the banks’ arguments on the merits, which is impossible without the support of professionals and legal and financial expertise. Therefore, it is worth trusting the knowledge of professionals and requesting them to handle such cases.

Our law firm comprehensively represents Clients in cases involving mortgages in Swiss francs. The assistance provided includes representation at both the pre-litigation stage and litigation representation before the competent court. We treat each case individually and are fully committed to handling it. We tailor our strategy to our Client’s situation and goals. We also provide legal assistance if the Client decides to settle the case with the bank, making sure that the concluded settlement secures as much as possible to the interests of the borrower we represent.

We also support Clients in other disputes against financial and insurance institutions – in particular in proceedings related to the investment of funds in various types of money-market instruments (including investment certificates and bonds), as well as claims under life-insurance contracts with insurance capital funds (pl. “polisolokaty”).

What sets us apart is our in-depth understanding of the specifics of the cases concerning mortgages in Swiss francs and cases against insurance financial institutions. Current judicial decisions, practice and the experience of our Clients indicate that it is possible to win in such proceedings and thus to regain financial security.

What do we do within this specialization?

  • We represent Clients in disputes with banks – including concerning loan contracts based on the exchange rate of the Swiss franc (denominated or indexed), other abusive clauses and low own-contribution insurance.
  • We handle cases against financial and insurance institutions – in particular concerning so-called savings-and-insurance policies, as well as bonds and investment certificates.
  • We are engaged in disputes with insurance companies related to claims for payment of damages.
  • We represent Clients in cases for damages against financial institutions in connection with losses suffered as a result of the acquisition of various types of financial instruments, securities, etc. (stocks, bonds, certificates, participation units, financial products of various types).

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