Real Estate

Secure trading in real estate requires professional legal support

We advise our clients on all transactions related to real estate in the broadest sense. We provide legal support for residential, industrial, commercial and office properties, as well as agricultural properties.

We provide legal services in particular for real-estate purchase and sale transactions, contribution of real estate in kind to commercial companies, in the implementation of joint real-estate investments, in the lease, rental or leasing of real estate.

We understand the importance of a comprehensive approach to real-estate transactions. Therefore, our advice covers the civil, administrative and tax aspects of transactions.

We take care to safeguard the interests of our clients on all legal levels. We ensure that real-estate transactions, with our participation as legal advisors, lead to the client’s intended business goal, safely and in accordance with legal requirements.

We provide full support for various types of transactional and investment projects – at every stage.

What do we do within this specialization?

  • We investigate the legal status of real estate (legal audit of real estate).
  • We provide comprehensive legal services for transactions (agreements for sale, lease, rental, exchange or leasing).
  • We offer legal support in obtaining financing for real-estate projects.
  • We handle a wide range of re-privatization cases.
  • We support our Clients in the field of easements, as well as real-estate rights and claims.
  • Among other activities, we represent Clients in court cases, administrative proceedings and land and mortgage proceedings.
  • We comprehensively handle investment projects.
  • We offer legal assistance in the field of agricultural real estate.

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